EE Film and EE Wednesdays

EE Film and EE Wednesdays

Fancy a night out to the cinema? Or maybe just a cosy evening at home watching your favourite film? EE has you covered with a range of offers, from free cinema tickets for all customers to free weekly rentals!

If you want more information on just what you're entitiled to as an EE customer, read on below to see just how you can make the most of the huge variety of entertainment available.


EE’s 2 for 1 cinema ticket promotion is held every Wednesday and, depending on what sort of plan you have, you might also be able to make use of EE’s free weekly film downloads on the EE Film Store!

Joining EE

Of course if you're not on EE then you're missing out! So why not get your hands on a 4GEE contract now with one of their top-of-the-range smartphones, or pick up an EE SIM-Only deal here: 

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EE Wednesdays & Orange Wednesdays

In a similar vein to Orange Wednesdays, EE are also offering 2 for 1 cinema tickets every week to each and every 4GEE customer! For those movies which you absolutely have to go see on the big screen, EE makes that experience a little more painless for your wallet. This offer is valid at participating cinemas across the nation and, to get your cinema ticket, the process couldn’t be simpler!

How to claim EE Wednesday tickets

How do I get my free ticket for EE Wednesdays? There are two methods, each suited to the type of contract you currently have with EE. For anyone with access to a 4GEE mobile, you can download the EE Film App and ask for a code from the cinema section inside the app. If you’d rather not use the app, simply text “CINEMA” to 60005 where you will immediately receive a text back which includes your promotional code. Simply show this at the ticket booth to claim your discount! Texts will cost 35p to this number.

For Home Broadband customers, you need to first register in order to be able to claim your ticket. To do this, simply text “JOIN” and you landline number to 60005. Once you’ve received a confirmation text, simply text “CINEMA” to 60005 where you’ll receive your 2 for 1 voucher. Texts will cost 35p to this number.

For Mobile Broadband customers, you need to load the 4GEE Mobile Broadband connection software if you have a 4GEE dongle, or simply visit the connection landing page if you have a mobile hotspot device. The quick start guide details this more thoroughly if you get lost! Then, choose the SMS option and text “CINEMA” to 6005. You’ll receive a confirmation reply with your code. Texts will cost 35p to this number.

Pizza Express Wednesdays

So you've just seen the latest blockbuster with your 2 for 1 tickets courtesy of EE Wednesdays - what's next? Pizza of course! and it's EE's treat. Now customers can get 2 for 1 pizzas at any one of Pizza Express' nationwide restaurants, simply by showing their cinema code. What's more if you have a taste for their delightfully indulgent dough balls, you can get those 2 for 1 as well! Wednesdays have never felt so good!   

EE Film Store

Not only does the EE Film Store offer over 700 movies, from classics to new releases, but it’s also accessible to anyone and everyone! Even if you’re not with EE, Orange or T-Mobile, as long as you’re in the UK you’re able to rent movies through the EE Film Store just by using Paypal or either a debit card or a credit card.

The wonders of the EE Film Store mean that you can start streaming a film on your phone on the way back from work and then finish it on your TV and vice versa! Just pause the film, close the app and continue watching from where you left off! You can even watch previously downloaded films when abroad, making it an ideal travel companion.

EE Film Data Charges

For EE customers with a mobile phone contract, you won’t be receiving any data charges for downloading or streaming movies from the EE Film Store until 31st December 2013! Even if you’ve used up your monthly data, you can still watch and download movies from the EE Film Store!

For Orange and T-Mobile customers, as well as those on other networks not affiliated with EE, there will be charges for the data used for downloading and streaming movies.

For those with an EE Home Broadband contract, the data for streaming and downloading movies will take up a part of your monthly data allowance.

EE Film Rentals

Films rented through the EE Film Store will be yours to view for up to 30 days. Once you’ve begun viewing a film, you will have 48 hours to finish the movie.

EE currently only offers rentals on the EE Film Store, with no way to buy movies at the moment.

Each film has icons designating whether or not its compatible with PC/Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobiles and tablets, to let you know how you can enjoy your movie. This information is easily viewable once a film has been added to your basket in the store as well.

For a comprehensive list of every film available on the service, visit the main EE site for the entire A-Z of EE’s substantial movie collection.

EE Film Prices

With over 700 films currently available in the EE Film Store, EE offers you a great range of choice to make sure that you can find the perfect film for that perfect evening. What’s more, EE’s competitive prices also mean you won’t be paying much for the pleasure. Prices start at £0.79 for a single movie and go up to £3.99 for the latest releases. To make things nice and simple, Orange, T-Mobile and EE customers can charge their film rentals straight to their pay monthly mobile bill or pay as you go credit.

EE Film App

You can download the EE Film App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 free of charge. So why download the EE Film App? Well, there’s a number of great reasons, not least of which is the fact that you can claim your free 2 for 1 ticket offer directly through the app, with no need to pay the 35p text charge if you want to do so over the phone! More than that though, the EE Film App also gives you the ability to view a cinema guide when on the go, letting you see what’s showing at your nearest cinema and even get directions straight there! Also, with EE’s superfast 4G technology, you can watch hundreds of movies when out and about and catch up on the latest film trailers!


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