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EE have a great range of tariffs to get you up to speed on the new 4G network. We've broken them down into this easy to understand guide to all of the plans, contracts and deals available on EE.

What do I get with my EE plan?

Firstly, it’s worth noting that all of EE’s tariffs are pretty simple. The only difference between each level is the amount of data provided for internet use.

Every plan provides unlimited calls and texts and, for an extra £5 on top of your chosen tariff, you can extend this to include roaming minutes and texts also!

The basic contracts are all 24 months long, although it is possible top opt for a 12 month contract for an extra £10 each month, with no increase in handset prices. Tethering is also included at no extra charge on the EE UK tariff plans along with VOIP!

What tariffs are available?

The tariffs available are all identical across the board with the only difference being data allowance. Below are the available options based on a 24-month contract:

500MB - £31 a month

750MB - £36 a month

1GB - £41 a month

3GB - £46 a month

5GB - £51 a month

8GB - £56 a month

20GB - £76 a month

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Can I get a SIM-only plan?

There are now 12-month SIM-Only plans to buy too. These plans offer the same allowances as the normal tariffs but are £15 a month cheaper than EE's 24-month phone contracts:

500MB - £21 a month

1GB - £26 a month

3Gb - £31 a month

5GB - £36 a month

8GB - £41 a month

20GB - £61 a month

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Can I get a Mobile Broadband-only plan?

Yes you can! Along with a fixed contract plan, EE are also offering one month SIM-only plans:

3GB - £15.99 a month

5GB - £20.99 a month

8GB - £25.99 a month

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Anyone who wants to grab a 4GEE Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi device is able to do so when they select one of EE's 30 day or 24 month plans. These are available from £12.99 a month on 12-month plans:

1GB - £12.99 a month

3GB - £15.99 a month

5GB - £20.99 a month

8GB - £25.99 a month

30-day contracts have the same monthly cost, but carry a higher upfront cost for the mobile broadband device.

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What handsets are 4G compatible on EE?

A few 4G-ready handsets are already on sale within the UK, however, not all will function on EE’s 4G network. To be assured of compatibility, it’s recommended that any mobiles are bought directly from EE, Orange or T-Mobile and their respective retailers. This doesn’t apply to the iPhone 5 though, which should always work regardless of reseller origin.

Also, as an added bonus to existing T-Mobile or Orange customers, anyone who recently bought a 3G version of 4-G compatible handsets will be offered an upgrade to the 4G version for £99!

Anyone looking to buy a new phone will have the following choices available. Each handset decreases in price the higher up the data tier you go:

  • iPhone 5 White/Black 16GB (32GB and 64Gb also available)  – £180 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or £20 upfront on the 8GB £56 a month plan.

  • HTC One XL – £150 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or £30 upfront on the 8GB £56 a month plan.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III LTE – £150 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or £30 on the 8GB £56 a month plan.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE – £180 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or £30 on the 8GB £56 a month plan.

  • Huawei Ascend P1 LTE – £20 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or free on any other plans.

  • Nokia Lumia 920 - £130 upfront on the basic 500MB a month contract or £20 on the 8GB £56 a month plan.

  • Nokia Lumia 820 – Free on all contracts.  

Where is 4G available?

EE is currently offering blazing-fast 4G services in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham or Southampton. By the end of the year, EE hope to have increased this to 16 major UK cities and promise to add a further 2,000 square miles of 4G network coverage every month! EE hope to cover 70% of the UK by the end of next year and almost the entire country by 2014!

EE 4G UK Coverage


Does it come with anything extra?

Absolutely! EE isn’t content to merely provide the UK’s fastest cellular network and flexible data plans but are also giving away a host of different incentives to sweeten the deal!

For starters, anyone who sings up for an EE plan will be given a free film to download or stream every week until February of next year! With prices normally ranging from £0.99 to £3.99, you’ll be enjoying quality entertainment at no cost! Any films watched will not count towards your data plan and with an initial choice of 700 films, with 200 new releases, you won’t be getting bored anytime soon!

EE are also continuing your favourite Orange 2-4-1 cinema deal with EE Wednesday so you don't have to worry about missing out on the latest releases with your friends.

For those looking for mobile and home use, anyone who signs up to a 4G mobile plan from EE UK will also be able to sign a Fibre Broadband home plan at a £120 discount!

Tethering and VOIP are also always included free of charge.

For users on plans of 1GB or more, you’ll be given access to a music service specific to EE that lets you listen to around 18 million tracks to stream or listen to offline!

With EE’s Fast Track service, just dial ‘33’ at any point during a call to skip the automated options and speak directly to an expert specialising in your device!

And that’s not all! Coming soon are the Clone Phone and Inclusive Wi-Fi services, allowing you to back up your phone contacts and contents on EE’s secure servers and giving you access to any BT Wi-Fi hotspots.

Is 4G more expensive?

EE's 4G network is the first of its kind in the UK and it is still a new technology. Setting up the network requires a lot of work, which is why it will take time to roll it out to the rest of the country. Getting it all ready and ensuring that you have great coverage and fast speeds costs more than providing the existing 3G network. EE have tried to bring 4G to you as cheaply as possible.

Also, to make sure that you don’t get caught out in any way, EE is ensuring that communication regarding data allowances and limits is transparent and easily available. A free text is sent to all users once they have eaten through 80% of their monthly allowance, and another message is sent once you’ve used all your data. Once you’ve reached this point, you’ll receive offers on various data add-ons available to you should you need more and, if not, you’re free to opt out and remain data free until the start of the following month or until your balance resets.

You can already buy 4G phones from T Mobile and Orange and switch over seamlessly to EE's superfast data network. It's absolutely no hassle and you may even be able to save yourself a bit of money!

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  • What is EE?
    EE is the UK's first 4G network, offering you a range of top end smartphones and 4G WiFi dongles on the fastest network in the country.

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