The 4G iPhone 5 on EE

4G EE iPhone 5

EE Brings You The iPhone 5

The long awaited iPhone 5 LTE is exclusively available with 4G contracts on EE. Apple's fastest iPhone yet is primed to work smoothly on EE's new super-fast 4G network. Not only does the new model pack twice the processor speed, but it's also fully compatible with the UK's only LTE network. This means you can get the fastest mobile browsing speeds available anywhere in the UK on the hottest phone of the year.

Inside, the iPhone 5 has upgraded RAM, faster graphics, a better camera and a huge range of improvements in iOS 6. Apple Maps has been given a boost and can take advantage of the new 4G network by giving you real time, turn-by-turn directions. Watching iPlayer and using the YouTube app is so much better with the extra speed boost you get from EE's 4G coverage, making watching your favourite shows and clips even easier and more enjoyable. 

The iPhone's bigger 4 inch Retina Display means you can stream HD videos seamlessly over the 4G phone network at speeds that average 21MB/s. By contrast, the UK's current 3G network only manages around 1.5MB/s average speeds. You'll really notice the difference on your new iPhone 5 in comparison to all the other older networks. EE 4G is the best way to make the most of your iPhone and maximises its potential.


iPhone 5 LTE Wireless

EE 4G: The Network Of The Future

EE is the best way to future proof your new iPhone. Experience Apple's masterful engineering they way it was meant to be enjoyed. Don't waste time on the ageing 3G network when you can get so much more from EE's LTE services.

How Do I Buy A 4G iPhone 5

Although it isn't available yet, you can already pre-order the new iPhone through Orange and T Mobile and easily transfer over to an EE contract later this year when the service rolls out across the country. You can see our iPhone 5 deals here.

Frequently Asked

  • What is EE?
    EE is the UK's first 4G network, offering you a range of top end smartphones and 4G WiFi dongles on the fastest network in the country.

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